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JetBlue Park

Experience the future of professional baseball at JetBlue Park while you are in the City of Fort Myers. The park is a modern minor league stadium that hosts spring training and developmental game activities for the Boston Red Sox professional ball club.

See how the ballpark shares many design elements similar to Boston’s iconic Fenway Park. Notice how the Fort Myers, FL park features a tall left field fence similar to the famed Green Monster up north. See how the right field area has a carefully placed foul pole that is short in length just like what Fenway Park itself uses. Look for the Lone Red Seat, a spot that signifies where the longest-hit home run in the park’s history can be found in, a feature that is identical to what is highlighted in Boston.

Enjoy baseball games throughout the year while in Fort Myers, Florida. Come out to the park in March for Red Sox spring training games. See that team’s developmental league players compete during the summer months. Check out various high school and college games held at the venue throughout the year. Don’t forget to enjoy a good meal at one of the various concession stands located around the park.