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Green Cay Wetlands

Travel to the Green Cay Wetlands while in the City of Boynton Beach. Walk on one and a half miles of boardwalk along a man made marsh. As you walk, head through the many habitats featured around the wetlands. See the cypress swamp, tropical hammock canopy forest and the wetland. Look for the old chicken hut, a building inspired by traditional Seminole architecture and a few gazebos not too far off.

See many aquatic mammals at the nature center here in Boynton Beach, FL. An alligator hole is home to a number of these great animals. Learn about how the life cycles of alligators work. Turtles and frogs are also on display. The nature center also has a theater that displays films explaining the wildlife and natural features of Palm Beach County.

Look for the water reclamation section of the Boynton Beach, Florida wetlands. This is a natural site that filters millions of gallons of waters that move through each day.

See how many birds and trees you can find while around the wetlands. Look for the night heron, white ibis and limp kin among others. The bald cypress and live oak trees are some of the different trees you will find around the wetlands.