Georgia Mortgage Application



The Georgia mortgage application process is not so different from how it’s done in other parts of the country. In fact, you will use the Uniform Residential Loan Application form that is used by virtually all mortgage lenders in the US. Although that will make your work easier, it is still wise to consult a professional real estate company to increase your chances of getting approved. If you need any help with filling the form or making a mortgage application, please contact Moreira Team and we will assist you.

Your mortgage lender will ask you to provide some information about yourself. A bulk of that information will be gathered from relevant documents which you will be asked to submit. The most common are employment records, income records, your assets, debts, property information, credit history, and eligibility certificate if you are applying for a VA loan. It is also standard practice for Georgia lenders to make phone calls, either to collect more information, or verify that what you have submitted is accurate.

Other than personal information, you will also have to provide a few details about the loan and property. For instance, you have to indicate the type of loan you are applying for as well as give some specifics about the type of property you are planning to purchase with the mortgage loan. As you can see, it is safe to say that from a general perspective the Georgia mortgage application process is not very complicated. Get a good Georgia real estate company behind you if you want to avoid major and minor mistakes that might prove costly. Moreira Team is ready to help. Call us today.



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