How Much House Can I Afford In Georgia?

We often get homebuyers asking “I’m in Georgia, how much house can I afford?” You will be glad to know that Georgia’s real estate market is very diverse both concerning types of properties and their prices. If you are an interested homebuyer, you want to know the kind of house your budget can allow you to own. The good news is there’s a home for almost every budget. Currently, the average listing price ranges from a whopping $1,683,400 in Atkinson County to a mere $73,015 in Quitman County.

Of course, the price depends on location, type of the house, its size and condition among other factors. That said, the median list price per square foot in Georgia is $105. Kindly contact Moreira Team for detailed information on the latest home prices in each county in Georgia. We have dedicated real estate professionals who keep track of the Georgia market for our esteemed customers.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the list price is not the only thing that will determine how much house you can afford. At times you may focus so much on the initial cost and forget the monthly mortgage payments. In Georgia, your monthly payments will include payments for the principal amount, insurance, interest, and property taxes. There are also closing costs associated with a mortgage loan. Unless you pay them upfront, they will increase your monthly mortgage payments.

All these payments can have a huge impact on how much house you can afford. So if you want a precise answer to how much house you can afford, it is wise to consult a Georgia real estate professional like Moreira Team. Contact us today and we will break down all the costs, incorporate your income to the analysis and tell you how much house you can afford.

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