Georgia Home Appraisal



A home appraisal is a way of determining the fair market value of a house before purchase. For you as a buyer, the report and opinion of an appraiser should tell you how much you should be willing to pay for a particular property. Sure there are average and median home prices to work with, but those are general figures that don’t really give an accurate valuation of the property you are interested in.

For instance, in Georgia’s biggest metropolis, Atlanta, the median price of a home is $124,800, but you can get a home that is well worth $500,000 and above. A Georgia appraiser will tell you whether it is fair to pay the half a million despite the median home price being a quarter of that. Other than knowing the true value of a home, a Georgia appraisal will also enable you to know things like property taxes and insurance to expect. Want to get a Georgia property appraised before you buy it? Talk to Moreira Team and we will help you get an appraisal.

A Georgia home appraisal process is relatively straight forward. The appraiser will start by doing a physical inspection of the property. They will then analyze the results of the inspection with relation to the current Georgia housing market. That includes comparing the home with similar homes that have recently been sold within the neighborhood.

Like all other states, a Georgia appraiser should use the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to conduct the appraisal. It keeps the results of the Georgia appraisal objective and accurate. So as long as you have a professional appraiser doing the work you shouldn’t worry about objectivity and accuracy. If you would love to get your property appraised by a Georgia professional contact Moreira Team and we will help you do that.



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