First Time Home Buyer in Georgia


There are many reasons for first time home buyers in Georgia to be happy. Beyond the exciting idea of owning your first home in the great state of Georgia, you also get access to several first time home buyer mortgage loan and assistance programs. Make the process even easier by working with Moreira Team. We are a leading real estate company with vast knowledge in the Georgia market.

Here are some of the loan programs:

  • FHA mortgage loan: the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan program has been helping Georgia residents to buy their first homes since 1934.
  • USDA mortgage loan: designed for residents who want to live in the rural and suburban parts of Georgia, this program is a perfect choice for first time home buyers because of its low-interest rates, flexible terms, and generally few requirements.
  • VA mortgage loan: this program was created specifically for veterans and service people.
  • Georgia Dream Home-Ownership Plan: this loan program is available for owners and properties that meet certain conditions. Be sure to contact us for qualification information.
  • American Dream Down-Payment Assistance Initiative (ADDI): you qualify for this assistance program if you are planning to purchase a single family unit.

Which of those programs do you are eligible for? Find out from our Georgia real estate experts. Send us a message, and we will send you quotes and information relevant for a first time home buyer in Georgia. Alternatively, we can assist you to get conventional loans that are tailored for first time home buyers in Georgia. Simply tell us what you want, and our staff work with you to help you get it.

In case you are finding it hard to raise the down payment required we can also work with you to get your details into one or more of the down payment assistance programs available for first time home buyers in Georgia.



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