Down Payment for a House in Georgia


Without at least 20% down you can’t get a house in Georgia! That’s one of the most popular real estate myths that some potential homebuyers still believe. With today’s competitive market you can get your hands on a mortgage loan deal with low to no down payment requirements. That is particularly the case in Georgia where the market has been stable for a very long time.

And the Moreira Team knows that best. We have a full team of mortgage experts who know the ins and outs of this market. And there is no better time to get a 0 to 10% down mortgage than now. So if you are doing house shopping, we can certainly help you get the best deal. Contact us, and we will give you the best down payment for a house in Georgia.

Depending on your credit history and income, our experts can negotiate for you to pay the lowest down payment possible. Typically, lenders will ask for some amount as a risk mitigation strategy. In case you fail to make your mortgage payments, they will use it to cover the potential loss. In Georgia, 1 in every 1,083 house units risks foreclosure. A lender might be reluctant to assume that one won’t be you.

But if you have the service of our highly experienced negotiators we can certainly bring the down payment from the normal 20% to 3.5%. If your scores (credit history) are good, you may not even be asked to put anything down. On top of that, we can get you access to a variety of mortgage assistance programs that offer down payment grants. Talk to us today, and we will start the process immediately.


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