Florida Homeowners Insurance



Homeowners insurance is a particular type of insurance that protects your house and its contents against damage. The package deal usually includes liability coverage. So whether you live in the urban setting of southeast Florida, the retirement haven that is in the southwest, or in a beachfront property in Miami, you need to have this insurance.

But with the state being one of the most high-cost in the country’s real estate market, you can be sure that without proper research and information you may not get the best deal for your home. Fortunately, Moreira Team has mortgage insurance experts who can, among other things, recommend what to cover, help you shop for affordable mortgage deals, negotiate on your behalf and even do the paperwork.

While Florida’s coastal location is a primary attraction for homebuyers, it is also an additional reason why homeowners pay significantly higher insurance (on top of it being a high-cost state). A 2015 study found that compared to all other states, Florida is at the greatest risk for flooding. By 2030, the value of property at risk in Florida will have increased by a whopping $69 billion. And in 2050 that value is expected to be at $152 billion.

Additionally, although the state enjoys temperate weather almost all year round, when bad weather comes it can really mess up property. Talk of raging storms and lots of water. And there are many more risks that can damage your property. So to be safe, it is only wise to have a great homeowner’s insurance cover. Read more here to find out everything there is to know about Florida homeowners insurance rates and how you can enjoy our buyer-friendly packages.



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