Florida Home Inspection



It’s almost always sunny in Florida. But the few days that are not sunny usually feature storms and other severe weather conditions – a nightmare for any homeowner. After such weather, it is important to do damage assessment and repair. Unfortunately, not all homeowners usually do a thorough job at it. Some, especially those who want to sell the home, usually do a shoddy job, conceal the damages and hope to pass the expense to the buyer.

And that is where home inspection comes in. Even if there hasn’t been any severe weather, it is still important to get a home inspected before you purchase it. Remember that houses and properties undergo wear and tear, so it’s pretty typical for parts to wear out. Depending on the nature of your agreement with the seller, it might either be your or their responsibility to do the repairs. But first, you need a professional inspector to determine how much repair will be required. That way you will know whether in the end purchasing the house will be worth the trouble.

We here at Moreira Team can help you with any house inspection needs. Contact us, and we will assign the best inspectors to your house and offer you the best Florida home inspection rates.

How much should you budget for? Well, the national average stands at $322 for a 2,000 square feet home. Florida is not so different. You can get a comprehensive 4-point inspection for anything between $400 and $450 for the same unit. But of course, the value can change depending on the scope of the inspection. For an accurate quote, talk to us, and we will give you customized rate for your Florida home inspection.



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