VA Loan in Florida



Buying a home is much easier for active military and veterans today because of VA loans and their relaxed credit requirements. VA loan lenders know it’s difficult for active military personnel to build the necessary credit and assets to maintain a good credit score, which makes it difficult for them to opt for conventional home financing.

Additionally attractive is that there are no down payment requirements for a VA loan in Florida. This means that the active military personnel, and veterans, can serve the country without worrying about scarping and saving money for a down payment to buy their dream home after service.

With comparatively lower interest rates than other traditional loan options, VA lenders are able to pass the savings on to you, normally quoting 0.5 to 1% lower rates. While the loan’s actual interest rate is dependent on the risk the lender faces to finance the loan; being back by the government gives lenders the confidence to offer more attractive packages. Borrowers stand to save a substantial amount even with a 0.5% reduction in the loan’s interest rates.

While these mortgages are very attractive, they do require mandatory termite inspection, and a pest-free certificate for the property in questions before the mortgage is sanctioned. Learn more about what else is required and if this is a good option for you by contacting us today.

We’ll help you gather the required documents, to get the process started. You’ve done your service, it would be an honor for us to be able to serve you in your home purchase.

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