Home Inspection in Florida

A book should never be judged by its cover, and this applies to everything else in life, including a house. Just because the house you intend to buy is new, it does not mean that it is in perfect condition. There may be some hidden problems with the wiring, plumbing, and easement which you might not be able to notice upfront.

This is where a home inspection comes in use. Many people refrain from inspecting the house they plan to buy, especially if it’s a new home, thinking it’s a waste of money. However little do they know that though they have to pay a few hundred for the inspection, they can save lots of money in the long run if the home inspector notices some potential faults with the house.

Home inspectors know what to look out for while inspecting a house and can pinpoint telltale signs of wear and tear. The problem is that there are so many home inspectors who have their individual methods of carrying out home inspections. This can lead to fluctuations in the home inspection costs. This is how and where Moreira Team wants to help you find the proper people for your home inspection in Florida.

Our team of professionals has a network of home inspectors to approach and help collect your home inspection data. All we need is some basic information to submit to get these quotes like your name, address, a legal description of the property to be inspected and the reason for the home inspection.