FHA Streamline Refinance in Florida


Are you current on your FHA mortgage payments for your Florida home? If yes then now is the best time to do a streamline refinance. Why do we say so? For starters, Florida interest rates have been on a decline for a while now. The averages for all types of mortgage loans lie between 3.64% and 2.85%. The state’s rates have been on a consistent drop since 2013 when they almost hit 5.2%. And lenders are willing to reduce their rates even further to keep up with the competition.

And there’s even better news. With the vast experience and negotiating power of Moreira Team staff, we can assist you in getting the most beneficial streamline refinance deal. Make sure you don’t miss out on our amazing FHA streamline refinance in Florida. Talk to us, and we will get your FHA streamline refinance process started immediately.

The whole point of refinancing is to lower your interest rates. The FHA allows homeowners to take advantage of current, lower interest rates by refinancing their FHA mortgage loans. That way you will also be able to lower your monthly mortgage payments. For more on how FHA refinancing works contact us today and we will take you through the whole process.

Other than interest rates you also stand to benefit from reduced insurance premiums. FHA refinance usually comes with new, better credit terms. One of them is a reduction in your premiums payable. That’s, even more, money in your pocket.

So if you are keen on saving a significant amount every month, we are the best real estate partners to help you achieve that. Get in touch, and we will assign a dedicated expert to your service. Our streamline refinance process eliminates most of the paperwork and requirements. That makes it the fastest and easiest to qualify for in Florida, even for underwater mortgage holders.


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