Florida is one of the best places to buy your very first home. And we are here to help you make that dream true. Other than assisting you to get access to a number of first time home buyer down payment assistance programs, we can also help you get a mortgage loan.

There are various loan programs available for first time home buyers in Florida. The most common are: 1) FHA first time home buyer loan. This mortgage loan is backed by the government through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). 2) VA first time home buyer loan. This one is meant for veterans and service people. It is secured by the Veterans’ Affairs (VA). 3) USDA first time home buyer loan. This loan is a perfect pick if you are planning to live in rural Florida. For more information on each type of loan, please call us and we will tell you everything there is to know.

In case you are not interested in government-backed mortgage loans, you can still reach us, and we will help you get a conventional first time home buyer loan. Nowadays lenders are very flexible and will offer attractive mortgage deals with few to no credit requirements. Depending on your credit history and income, we can even get you a mortgage loan with little to no down payment. Take advantage of our expertise to get the most amazing quotes for a first time home buyer in Florida. Call us today for more.