Florida First Time Home Buyer



The prospect of owning your first home in Florida must be very exciting. And it should because Florida is out amazing. But don’t let that distract you from saving some dollars on your purchase. While Moreira Team can willfully help you buy a great first home in Florida at a very affordable price, there are also things that you can do yourself to ensure that you save some cash in the process.

First of all, compare prices. Check the selling price of similar houses in your most preferred neighborhood. The multiple listing services (MLS) will come in handy for that, but you can still request for an itemized quote from us.

Determine your monthly payments, including insurance and taxes. If you don’t know how, you can let our team do it for you. It will tell you whether you can afford the house you have picked. Ideally, your housing costs should not exceed 30% of your income. At the extreme worst it should always be less than 40%. The last thing you want is a foreclosure on your first home.

Factor in closing costs. In Florida, different lenders have different closing cost requirements depending on where your house is located and the total amount of your loan. Check with us to see what you stand to pay in your preferred neighborhood with your mortgage amount. Of course, if you can use closing costs to save then that deal should be better.

Which leads us to the final point – get a great Florida realtor who will get you fantastic deals. They will help you to get better terms, negotiate prices, advise you on market trends, help you with the paperwork, do inspections, get disclosures, and a host of many other things. And there’s no need to look far because Moreira Team can do all that and more. Talk to us today and enjoy the best rates you can get as a Florida first time home buyer that help homebuyers to save on costs.


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