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Florida Institute of Technology

Find out how the worlds of engineering, science and aviation are constantly evolving at the Florida Institute of Technology. This important college is found around Palm Bay, Florida and is available for tours. Come out to the school to learn about the many studies that take place here and how numerous efforts are utilized as a means of making it easier for different types of studies to be completed.

Explore the many halls devoted to numerous important studies. These include studies that are conducted by graduate students on campus. Learn about aviation training practices, how textiles are engineered for better functionality and how autism is managed. These points and many others are covered in special programs hosted by the university in the City of Palm Bay.

Tour the museum on the campus site. See the many items it has that relate to the evolution of the school and how it has become an important site for learning over the years.

Look for the old schoolhouse building as you head around the campus in Palm Bay, FL. This red house was built in 1883 and is on display in the middle of a beautiful protected garden area that fits in with the building.