Flamingo Gardens University Tamarac, FL | Moreira Team Mortgage

Flamingo Gardens

Go southeast of Tamarac, FL to the Flamingo Gardens and observe many of the world’s most beautiful avian creatures in action. Walk around the immense habitat where flamingos can be found wading in shallow water around rocky formations and palm trees. The habitats are designed to be like their natural environments, thus helping them stay together in groups all around the park.

See how many tropical trees grow at the park. Look for oak and palm trees plus a few orchids. See more than 300 types of palm trees scattered around the park’s 60-acre space.

Find snowy and great egrets and bald eagles among other birds at the garden. Look down to find alligators and otters among other land creatures. All animals around Tamarac, Florida are organized in a series of habitats where tropical, prairie and swamp conditions are maintained. See how the animals interact with each other and get up close around some of the protected walkways that surround the entire venue.

See the xeriscaping projects around the park outside the City of Tamarac. Such projects work without the need to get additional water through traditional irrigation methods. Learn how different efforts for rerouting water work to keep plants hydrated.