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Davie School

Head back in time to the early twentieth century and learn about life in the City of Davie from back then at the Davie School. This old schoolhouse has been perfectly preserved over the years and is open today as a museum. It is part of a small complex of buildings devoted to the history of the region.

Learn about the history of education and how students were taken care of in the early days of today’s modern education system. The school was the first permanent school in the Everglades when it was formed in 1918. The building has been carefully restored and appears just like it did when it stopped working as a school in 1980.

Visit the museum inside this Davie, Florida landmark. Learn about how explorers in the area moved inland from the Atlantic Ocean and into the Everglades among other local areas.

Travel around this part of Davie, FL to see a few other buildings directly attached to the Davie School. Walk through the full-scale replica of an early twentieth century settlement house. Tour the Viele house right next door to learn more about the development of the area including how train services were critical to the region.