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CB Smith Park

Have a day of fun with your family at the CB Smith Park. This park in Pembroke Pines, FL has around 300 acres of inland recreational space.

Take your bicycle and go for a ride around one of the trails on the southern half of the park. Take a full loop around the region and go past various small bodies of water as you head out here.

Visit the Paradise Cove water park around the southeastern end of the park. The park has water rides and pools for kids to hang around in.

Participate in a number of sports around the City of Pembroke Pines. Enjoy a fishing trip around one of the many small lakes out here. Play a game of basketball at one of the courts. Find someone to take in a tennis or racquetball match with at one of the dedicated courts. Equipment for all these sports is available for rental at the main office. Test your hitting and putting skills at the baseball batting cages and the miniature golf course near the office.

Check out the listing of events coming to the CB Smith Park. Numerous music and food events are held around the Pembroke Pines, Florida park every year.