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Big Cat Rescue

Go just north of the City of Town ‘n’ Country to the Big Cat Rescue, an important habitat for large felines in the Tampa region. The rescue facility is a massive habitat where animals are treated and cared for. These include various great Bengal tigers and other exotic cats.

Learn about tigers, leopards and other unique large felines. See how their habitats are formed by observing the desert, wetland and jungle environments prepared around the rehabilitee center. Get an up close view of many of these animals as you walk along protected observation areas.

Discover what it takes for these felines in Town ‘n’ Country, FL to be rehabilitated. Many of these large cats have been injured or recovered from harmful and dangerous conditions. Some have not been socialized properly due to them being orphaned. Learn about how doctors and veterinarians at the rescue site monitor their felines and how they care for their injuries and social needs.

Attend one of the special classes or seminars at the Town ‘n’ Country, Florida rescue. Individual programs for adults and kids educate people on how these animals behave and how science, diet support and social help combine to keep such felines protected.