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Appleton Museum of Art

See one of the largest collections of art in the state of Florida at the Appleton Museum of Art in the City of Ocala. See hundreds of the many artifacts scattered all around the museum. With nearly 18,000 works of art all around the museum, the place has a variety of beautiful pieces that you will be interested in.

Look for different art pieces from many corners of the world. The museum in Ocala, FL features individual exhibits relating to American, European, Asian and African art. A dedicated wing devoted to local artists throughout the history of Florida is included.

Notice the intense details in some of the older pre-Columbian art pieces at the Ocala, Florida museum. These include pieces that date back by at least the late fifteenth century.

Admire the masters at the Appleton Museum of Art. See works from famed figures like Rodin, Calder, Audubon, Breton and Tiffany. The works are about many points from the history of the world to the many scenes of nature that we all observe every day.

Enjoy some time near the reflecting pool outside the main museum building. The pool is extensive and features travertine marble. See the details around the fountain along the end of the pool.