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Zoo Miami

Travel to the northern end of Homestead, Florida to visit Zoo Miami. See the various tropical animals on display in a variety of authentic and carefully organized environments.

See the Everglades exhibit and learn about many animals that can be found around the wetlands all across Florida. See the Florida panther, black bear, river otter and white-tailed deer among many other animals around the park. Enjoy heading around some of the walkways that take you close to many of their simulated habitats.

Look for the black-necked storks and Bengal tigers among other rare and exotic animals at the Asian exhibit. Travel to the giraffe feeding station at the African exhibit and enjoy providing these beautiful animals with their meals during specific times in the day.

Go down under to the Australian section of the zoo in Homestead, FL. Look for the koalas, echidnas, emus and tree kangaroos among many other animals that can be found around Australia and other surrounding countries.

Visit the Amazon River exhibit here in the City of Homestead and earn about the various animals and plants that are found around South America. See an extensive variety of reptiles all around including many turtles, iguanas and snakes.