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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Travel to the deep southern part of Biscayne Bay to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Tour the intriguing early twentieth century mansion in the City of Miami that has since been converted into a public museum.

Walk into the building and see its Baroque architectural influences and Italian Renaissance arrangement. The building features a strong Villa façade with matching columns and cylindrical features all the way through. These mix in with several large oak trees that curve their way over the walkways outside the main building.

Visit the indoor pool that has been fully refurbished to its original standard from when it was built more than a hundred years ago. See various additional artifacts around the building relating to the history of Miami, Florida and how people explored and settled in the region centuries ago. See many fine works of Italian art inside the building as well, a point that keeps up with the elaborate design of this space.

Travel through the vast outdoor gardens that are unlike anything else found in Miami, FL. Notice the large pond with the stone barge right in the middle. Observe the symmetrical arrangement of many of the plants and shrubs found all throughout the garden space.