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Vickery Creek

Enjoy a relating time with nature at Vickery Creek. This large stream in the City of Roswell is also known as the Big Creek. The mouth of the creek particularly moves into Roswell right off of State Route 9. It is one of the largest natural sites in the region and is a very appealing space to visit while in Roswell, Georgia.

Take some time walking along one of the many paths surrounding the creek. Named after a Cherokee woman who owned a large amount of land in the region in the nineteenth century, Vickery Creek is about 26 miles in length. The walking paths are open during the daytime hours and will bring visitors around some of the most peaceful and relaxing spaces in the area.

Enjoy a bike ride around one of the larger biking paths. These paths are carefully maintained and offer a way for riders to get close to the beautiful nature of Roswell, GA.

Travel to the Ivy Mill area to see a manmade waterfall. This is a popular spot for swimming and diving. Look for a few natural rock formations in the area with each of these distinct spots bringing beauty to the region.