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Venetian Pool

Relax while on the eastern end of Kendall, Florida at one of the most iconic public pools in the country. Take a swim at the Venetian Pool. Enjoy some time in this four-acre space that has entertained many since it first opened in 1924.

Bask in the sun as you lie along the Mediterranean-inspired architecture at this pool in the City of Kendall. Walk over the small bridge spots that go over many parts of the pool. You will be reminded of the many canals of Venice and the gondolas that move through as you walk across the pool. It’s only appropriate considering how this pool once had a station for gondola rides.

Feel the comfort of the fresh water inside the pool. Bask in the water that comes from local artesian wells. The water is relaxing and does not irritate the skin or eyes.

Take in a drink at the café or relax around the nearby waterfall. Enjoy the water as it sprays off of the waterfall and into the deep end of the pool.

Bring the kids over to the small two-foot children’s pool here in Kendall, FL. The pool is wide open and has plenty of spaces for children and offers many spots for adults to take care of their kids at.