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Tree That Owns Itself

Be intrigued by one of the more interesting natural features in the United States as you visit the Tree That Owns Itself. This attraction in Athens, Georgia is a white oak tree that is believed to hold its own legal ownership. It also owns all land within eight feet of its base.

The tree is on a land plot in the City of Athens that was reportedly deeded by Colonel Henry William Jackson in the nineteenth century. Jackson reportedly gave the tree itself a deed as a means of keeping it protected, thus ensuring that it cannot be torn down. This is considered to be more of a legend although many believe it to be fact.

The current Tree That Owns Itself in Athens, GA was actually planted in 1942. This came as the original tree fell due to a wind storm. An acorn from the original tree was planted in the site of the old one. Today the tree has grown to about fifty feet in height.

Look at the stone tablet that lists a part of Jackson’s deed to understand how the tree became its own owner. Enjoy the shade of the tree but don’t go past the barrier placed around the tree. After all, that land is owned by the tree itself.