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Sunken Gardens

Travel to one of the oldest roadside attractions in the state of Florida right in the middle of the City of St. Petersburg. The Sunken Gardens is a fascinating property that features numerous garden spaces highlighting many fascinating tropical plants.

Watch as the fruit trees produce tropical fruits. See the papaya fruits as they spread along the sky. Walk into the butterfly garden and see numerous plants and shrubs that attract butterflies with beautiful patterns all around their wings.

Look for the flamingos on site in St. Petersburg, FL. They can be found around some of the small bodies of water placed around the park. See their bright pink bodies and long legs as they move through the park area. Keep your distance though as they are easy to startle.

Learn about the world of plants at one of the many educational programs available throughout the year. These programs in St. Petersburg, Florida include ones for adults and kids alike. Learn about how plants are prepared for planting, how rain barrels can be utilized and what orchids work best in different garden environments. The programs provide you with tips for how to create the best possible gardens where you are.