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Stranahan House

Visit the Stranahan House while you are in the City of Fort Lauderdale. This building is a former trading post built in 1901. It was owned by the Stranahan family, a group that helped to educate many people of the Seminole tribe during the early part of the twentieth century. Walk into the home during a tour and travel back in time in this great building right in the middle of the city.

Tour the home to see how the Fort Lauderdale, FL area has grown over the years. See the many old photos around the building as well as numerous pieces of trading materials and goods that were sold at the home.

See some of the exhibits dedicated to many affairs that the Stranahan family was dedicated to while in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Learn about the women’s suffrage movement and how it evolved in Florida. Explore the history of the Seminole tribe and how it evolved into being one of the most educationally advanced tribes in the country.

Look around at how the home’s intricate layout was established. Spot the private water towers and early electrical wiring features here. The home was noted for being one of the most advanced properties in the city at the time it opened.