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The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Get in touch with nature at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Located in the City of Athens, the garden is operated by the University of Georgia. It features more than 300 acres of land.

Marvel at the many beautiful plants all around the gardens. The extensive variety of gardens here in Athens, GA includes native plants, annuals and perennials and dahlias.

Learn about the history of Georgia at the Heritage Garden. This section includes apple, cotton, tobacco and peanut plants among others that are reflective of the history and culture of Georgia.

Relax along one of the walking paths out here in Athens, Georgia. About five miles of walking trails can be found all around the garden. These paths bring people towards many of the different plants all around the garden area.

Discover some of the newest developments in plants at the Trial Garden. This area is where many trees and other plants are tested to see if they can handle the climate of the southeastern United States.

Bring the family to one of the various educational programs offered by the garden. The numerous educational activities here include conservation programs. Participants will also learn about all sorts of types of plant life and how to identify different forms at these education programs.