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St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church

See one of the most unique historic sites in the City of North Miami at the St. Bernard de Clarivaux Church. This is an ancient Spanish monastery that dates back to the twelfth century.

Visit the site to learn about how it was built and the impressive process used to get it shipped to North Miami, Florida. Thousands of hours of work and even more cases were used to deconstruct the old church, ship it to the United States and then get it reassembled in North Miami, FL. Learn about how William Randolph Hearst purchased the church and how he helped strategize the process of moving the historic building.

Tour the gardens around the site. The gardens are heavily inspired by Spanish culture and art, thus fitting in with the region.

Walk through the main church building and see its intricate design and how it allows light to flow all the way through. See how many seams and connections you can find as these were critical to not only moving the church to North Miami but also with building it in the first place.

See the arches and columns all throughout the church building. These are heavily inspired by traditional Roman architectural accents.