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Biscayne Aquifer

Head to the far eastern reaches of Coral Springs, FL to visit one of the most important spaces in the area. This is the Biscayne Aquifer and it is a place where the City of Coral Springs gets its water supply from. It is a large space that has a number of water-collecting rocks with many of them heading above the surface of the water plane. The area also merges between the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Look at how the rocky surfaces of the aquifer are formed. These surfaces are designed to take in water that is pumped and used by the people of Coral Springs, Florida.

See how the dams and canals around the aquifer are formed and how water flows through those spots. These have been built to preserve the quality of the water and to reduce the risk of contamination. Such bodies were formed to regulate how water is moved into pumps.

Notice the strong effort put in the region for managing the water that comes through. The efforts ensure that water moves along and is appropriately treated before any problems can come about. This makes it easier for water in the region to be made available.