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Spectrum Field

Watch a baseball game at Spectrum Field, a popular ballpark located in the heart of the City of Clearwater. The park hosts both professional and collegiate baseball events.

Come to the park in March to see spring training baseball games in Clearwater, FL. This is where big name ballplayers get ready for the season while newcomers to the game look to build their skills. Spectrum Field is home to the Philadelphia Phillies’ spring training activities.

Watch minor league baseball at the park during the rest of the spring and summer seasons. The Clearwater Threshers baseball team plays here against a number of other teams from around the state.

Numerous college-level baseball events and tournaments are also held here in Clearwater, Florida every year. The American Athletic Conference hosts its annual end of season tournament at the park, continuing a tradition that the Big East Conference started many years earlier.

Look for the Ace sculpture at the entrance to the park. The sculpture features a baseball pitcher atop a beautifully organized fountain.

Come early to enjoy a good meal at the ballpark. The park has a number of concession stands that serve both traditional ballpark fare as well as some local food options.