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South Pointe Park

Relax the day away at South Pointe Park, one of the most prominent park spaces in the City of Miami Beach. Travel along the sandy shores and watch the waves come in. Go to the pier and get a close view of the ocean.

Enjoy a leisurely walk along the water at one of the limestone walkways in the area. The limestone walkways add a beautiful look with a light pink appearance.

Have the kids come on out to the playground here in Miami Beach, FL. The playground features a fun ocean theme with various rides.

Go along the boardwalk to the last of the natural sand dunes in Miami Beach, Florida. Climb on up to see the beautiful cityscape of Miami Beach and the waves along the ocean and bay.

Have a bite at the restaurant on the park site. Enjoy frozen yogurt at the dedicated concession stand. Bring your dog over to the dog park and have some fun with some other furry friends in the region. With around 17 acres of land space all around the park, there are a number of great features at South Pointe Park for you and all members of your family to enjoy.