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Silver Comet Trail

Take a walk along a part of the Silver Comet Trail while in Sandy Springs, Georgia. A part of the trail goes along the southern end of Sandy Springs, GA and will make its way to the northwestern part of the Atlanta area. It eventually moves into the border with Alabama where it merges with the Chief Ladiga Trail. At around 60 miles in length, there is more than enough space for you to enjoy a nice walk along the trail.

While in the City of Sandy Springs, take in a few miles of the trail. The Silver Comet Trail is a beautiful place that has room for hiking, biking and running. Horseback riding activities are also available through a number of local charters. You can even bring a dog with a leash along the trail.

Look for a few natural rock formations as you make your way along the trail. You might have to go a little further out of Sandy Springs to see the unique Western Blue Ridge rocks, pieces that are remnants of larger shifts in the earth’s surface over thousands of years. The distinctive appearance of the region is certainly one to remember while out in the Sandy Springs area.