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Siesta Beach

Do you want to head out to a beach in the City of Sarasota but are worried about the sand being too hot? Head over to Siesta Beach right on the shores of the Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida. Enjoy a nice day on the pure quartz sand. Much of this sand comes from the Appalachian Mountains and has been ported over to create a beach that offers a comfortable space for all to relax on.

Enjoy the feel of the quartz sand on your feet as you walk along the beach. Unlike many other forms of sand, this white sand stays cool. It is also soft so you will not feel like you’re stepping on tacks while walking.

See the sunset at the Sarasota, FL beach in a distinct environment. Watch as the sun lowers into the horizon with hardly any outside light, trees or buildings in the line of sight.

Bring the kids over to the beach and have them play along in the beautiful and warm water. Walk on one of the roll-out mats en route to the water area and then head back onto the shore to the showers near the base of the beach. Regular lifeguard services are provided here.