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Sholom Park

Take in a bit of inspiration for your landscape as you walk through Sholom Park. See more than 250 different kinds of plants and other natural bodies around this extensive space in the City of Ocala.

Tour the rose garden and see how these beautiful plants are organized in amazing patterns and distinct colors. Look for the olive trees that produce many flowering plants and fruits while generating appealing scents you are sure to remember. Watch for how the trees blossom to their most beautiful in the winter season.

Go into the labyrinth at the Ocala, FL park. The small maze area features several intriguing sculptures and carefully manicured hedges all around its path.

Look around the wide-open prairie region of the park. This section has many beautiful spaces that give off incredible views of the entire park.

See the koi pond around the middle part of the Ocala, Florida park. Watch in peace as the koi fish swim around the water in one of the most serene spaces in the entire city.

Enjoy a peaceful walk in this park whose name comes from a Hebrew word for peace. There are two miles of walking spaces around the entire park.