Welcome to Moreira Team where we strive to make it easy for you to own a home. Our primary objective is to help you get the best home, a great mortgage deal and ultimately financial freedom. Which is why we have everything you need to know about Florida and Georgia mortgages right here.


What You Will Find

We have very detailed information about home buying and mortgages. We believe in empowering you, the buyer, so that even as you face a seller or partner with a realtor, lender or any other party, you will already know what to expect and how to negotiate for a better deal. Here is a brief of what to expect on these pages:

  • Types of mortgages: there are various types of mortgages [in Florida and Georgia]. Choosing the right one can make the difference between qualifying and getting your application denied. Other than that, it will reduce the risk of foreclosure on your home.
  • Mortgage requirements: learn about what lenders consider before they approve your mortgage application [in Florida and Georgia].
  • The home purchase process: we take through the whole process of buying a home [in Florida and Georgia], from the moment you conceive the idea to when the house keys get in your hands. That includes all the contracts and paperwork involved, negotiations, closing procedures, the parties you are likely to work with and much more.
  • Choosing a location: different Florida and Georgia counties and neighborhoods have their own unique features. You will even be charged interest rates and insurance premiums depending on where your house is located.
  • Interest rates: we tell you how interest rates affect your mortgage, the real estate market and your home (in terms of value, refinance and in many other aspects).
  • Latest market trends: find out how the Florida and Georgia real estate markets are performing. Such information will aid your decision making, whether you want to buy, renovate or refinance a home.


It Doesn’t Matter What Stage You Are

Moreira Team’s pool of information is not limited to one or a few steps of the mortgage process. We have virtually everything you need from start to finish. That includes:

1)    Finding a home: the house hunting process is a very interesting and exciting one. With our guidance, you can also make it an objective one.

2)    Buying a home: if you’ve already identified a house of your liking, we can still help you seal the deal. That includes negotiating for a price reduction, shopping for a great mortgage deal, looking for third parties (inspectors, appraisers, and others) and closing the purchase.

3)    Refinance: and if you already own a home, we will still be glad to help you refinance your mortgage. Timing is key, which is why our staff is always up to date with the latest mortgage trends. We will help you lower your interest rates, insurance premiums and in some cases get cash during the refinance process.


Who We Are and What Do We Do?

We obviously have a ton of information to pass to you. But who exactly are we? And what do we do in this vast real estate market? Moreira Team is a loan advisor for TJC Mortgage, Inc. Our close relationship with such a licensed, reputable and renowned mortgage lender accounts for the unmatched knowledge and experience that our staff boasts of.

Rather than committing to a mortgage with little to no knowledge, we furnish current and potential homebuyers with the best advice possible to help them make very informed decisions. We reckon that a home purchase is virtually any American’s biggest investment, and we want to be the reason why that investment move is a sound and financially sensible one.

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