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Sawgrass Mills

Shop and save at a number of outlets around Sawgrass Mills. Travel to the northern end of Plantation, FL to enjoy shopping in an expansive environment.

Look for everything you could ever need at one of nearly 300 stores all around the mall. Many of these stores include outlet shops run by a variety of popular high-end brands. Save large amounts of money at these shops as they include many products earmarked for huge discounts.

Play around at the entertainment center at the mall in the City of Plantation. Check out all the fun games that you can play including a variety of games of skill. Take the younger kids over to the playground area and have them enjoy numerous traditional rides.

See a movie at the mall theater in Plantation, Florida or have a great dinner at one of the fine restaurants around the mall. Look for different stores in the individual sections or neighborhoods that the place is divided up in. All these spots include different types of products including one section of the mall focusing on high-end fashion. Each section is also distinguished by its unique interior design features to add a special flair to the shopping area.