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Sawgrass Lake Park

Tour the swamps of the Sawgrass Lake Park located right in the middle of Largo, Florida. Head around more than 300 acres of land that are home to many native animals and plants. Look for the maple plants around the region as these are the most prominent ones featured around the swamp area. Reach the large conservation area for a clear view of birds all around.

Take a walk along the boardwalk to get a beautiful view of the surroundings in the area. Walk for nearly a mile on the elevated walkway to see animals from up high. Look for various butterflies as well as numerous bird species in the region.

For a closer look, go down to the dirt trail. This shorter trail in the City of Largo takes you closer into some of the marshes and swamp spots in the region.

Head inland towards the Sawgrass Lake and take a boat out onto the water here in Largo, FL. Bring your bicycle or in-line roller skates and ride along some of the larger paved trails surrounding the park space. Take in a picnic at one of the larger open spaces around the park after you enjoy a fine day out.