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Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Drive over to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum and see many historic and unique cars that would certainly put the one you came to the Sarasota, FL museum in to shame. These cars include many rare vehicles from the past plus some more modern luxury and sports car models. The cars are housed in a large indoor habitat where people can see them from many angles.

Look for numerous rare vehicles from the past including prototypes of fashionable sports cars or luxury cars that were made with specific events in mind. See a few cars that were donated to the Sarasota, Florida museum by various celebrities. Over the years the museum has hosted a few cars owned by noted vehicle enthusiast Jay Leno. There are more than a hundred cars here although the displays are always rotating.

See the special wing dedicated Italian cars. Learn about the strict standards that Italian auto makers put into their vehicles. Look at how Italian companies focus on making all their vehicles by hand and testing everyone to ensure they work properly. Some of the Italian cars at the City of Sarasota museum came from Ferrari, one of the world’s most iconic sports car companies.