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Sand Key Park

Travel along the edge of Clearwater, FL to see the Sand Key Park. Relax along the beautiful white sand beaches of this barrier island off of the City of Clearwater.

Enjoy time along one of the most wide open beach spaces in the Clearwater, Florida area. The area is noted for being open with many large park spaces and recreational areas around. Walk along one of the many paths that are open in the area or enjoy a restful view of the Gulf of Mexico. It is easier to notice the tides as they come in and out at this area than it is at other spots in Clearwater.

Take in a picnic around the park area. The park has spots for special events and even has a few concession stands around the beaches.

Reserve a spot at one of the fishing stations. A few spots for fishing are available throughout the year. Spend some time here to see what you can catch.

Get to the brush area to see the many native plants that surround San Key Park. The sea oats are especially noticeable for having large seeds at the top. These help keep the beach protected from high winds, thus ensuring all sandy spaces are preserved.