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Rocky Point

Get down to the southern end of Town ‘n’ Country, FL to the Rocky Point region. This area is right outside downtown Tampa and is off of the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The region overlooks the Old Tampa Bay and features some of the best views of the Tampa skyline.

Enjoy a fine meal at one of the restaurants around this part of Town ‘n’ Country, Florida. See various great beach-inspired spots featuring grilled foods and fine drinks.

Check out some of the fancy hotels in the region. Many of these luxury hotels near the City of Town ‘n’ Country include ones that have been around since the middle part of the twentieth century.

Try your golfing luck at the Rocky Point Golf Course. This classic club is one of the oldest courses in the Tampa area. Play a full round on the main course but watch for the massive lake that goes along a few of the holes. Take in a meal at the main clubhouse dating back to the early twentieth century. Talk with the on-site golf pros about your game and see how you can develop your skills.

Get to the sailport and rent a boat or kayak. Spend a few hours along the shores of the City of Town ‘n’ Country and paddle your way out to the bay to get a great glimpse of the region.