Riverwalk Augusta | Moreira Team Mortgage

Walk along the Savannah River at the Riverwalk Augusta right on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. This important part of Augusta, Georgia goes from 6th to 10th Street in downtown Augusta.

See some of the important sites located around the Riverwalk Augusta. Walk along this part of Augusta, GA to see St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Morris Museum of Art among many other important parts of the area. Observe some of the many appealing gardens around the area.

Watch for a few of the old spots around what was Fort Discovery while going along the Riverwalk. Fort Discovery, a former children’s museum, is still standing and has a few appealing outside art pieces that are very distinctive and modern in their look.

Look for the main levee that supports the Savannah River. Part of the Riverwalk is situated along the levee that keeps Augusta, Georgia protected from flooding.

The walking paths in particular are all located right along the main side of the river. These paths are not too far from many of the important downtown sections of Augusta, thus making for a great place to visit after enjoying a nice meal or shopping experience while in the area.