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Polk Museum of Art

Travel to the Florida Southern College campus in Lakeland, Florida and visit the Polk Museum of Art. See various works of art from many periods of history and parts of the world.

Explore more than two thousand art pieces here in Lakeland, FL. See the earliest days of art at the Pre-Columbian wing, a space devoted to artwork from before the sixteenth century.

Head forward into the modern art wing to see some of the newest trends in the world of art. Visit individual wings dedicated to Asian and African art. Go outdoors and see the sculptures as they perfectly mingle with the gardens scattered around the museum.

See many works in a variety of media. The ceramic wafer art designs are among the more interesting pieces to see in the City of Lakeland. Look for Japanese print art and American folk art pieces as well.

Learn about art at the museum school. Take classes to learn how to identify various works of art. Study how artists create their works and make your own distinct pieces inspired by the masters. The museum also has art therapy programs for people with development and neurological disorders plus rehabilitation programs for at-risk members of society.