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Pinellas Trail

Take a good walk along the Pinellas Trail as it moves through the City of Largo. Enjoy a leisurely walk along part of the nearly 40-mile-long trail that cuts through Largo, FL en route to Clearwater and Dunedin among other areas near Tampa.

Bring your wheels as you head over to Largo, Florida. Bike or rollerblade along the carefully paved trail. Take your time as the trail is flat and does not have many complicated turns, dips or hills. Look for some workers in the area as they walk along the trail too. The trail is designed to link up towards many commercial spots in Largo, thus making it easier for people to get to their jobs without having to take a car to get there.

Enjoy a horseback ride on the trail too. Check for a local horseback riding charter in the area and reserve a time to head out on a ride along the trail during the daytime hours.

Look for some of the old railroad tracks and signs around the trail. Two key rail services used to head out along the trail. Notice some of the old rail crossing signs and markers that are still in place today.