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Pensacola Light

Lighthouses might not be as important as they used to be but they are still beautiful works of engineering that deserve to be explored. The City of Pensacola has one such lighthouse to visit and unlike many others around the country, this one is still fully operational. Climb up to the top of the Pensacola Light the next time you are in the city and see how this engineering marvel works.

Take the stairs inside the Pensacola, FL lighthouse as you head up about 150 feet into the air. See the unique black and white color palette of the lighthouse. This scheme has been intact since the building was constructed in 1859.

Stick around to see the Pensacola Light as it illuminates the skies during the evening hours. See how the Pensacola, Florida lighthouse beams a light that heads out more than 25 nautical miles. Take a look at the main light structure as you climb up the tower during the daytime hours. See how the intense light is carefully built to sustain such power.

Walk through the main house building at the base of the lighthouse before heading upstairs. See old artifacts relating to the construction of the lighthouse and its use over the years.