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Oleta River State Park

Travel to the Biscayne Bay Campus of Florida International University and walk along the shores of the Oleta River State Park. This is located right on the mouth of the river that the park in North Miami, FL gets its name from.

See how the park is organized with a canal that links the river the main park area. With more than a thousand acres of land here in the City of North Miami, you have more than enough spaces to travel around when exploring the waters out here.

See the beautiful trees scattered all around this park in North Miami, Florida. Look for the Australian pine or Casuarina trees lining the edges of the park. Look at how the branches form off in many small spots and how they are organized in a variety of patterns. See some of the flowering fruits that grow off of the base of the tree but don’t eat them.

Rent a kayak and head out on the water. Look for the small cabins for special events and see what’s available for your family to use. Take your bicycle and head out on one of the large trails scattered around the entire park space.