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Nova Southeastern University

Many of the world’s most significant advancements in medicine can be found right outside the City of Tamarac. Visit the Nova Southeastern University campus around the southern part of Tamarac, FL and learn about what makes the school so unique. The school focuses on many subjects but its most prominent work entails educating future doctors, dentists and others in the medical field.

Tour some of the labs where many studies are held and where graduate projects are conducted at. See how the school focuses heavily on various medical projects relating to occupational therapy, dentistry and eye health. Learn about pharmaceutical health and see how new tests for medicines are run to help people live longer and healthier lives. Discover how technology is used for surgical procedures, diagnostics and many other health-related functions.

See the museum on site and explore the school’s past in Tamarac, Florida. See how the school was formed off of an old naval field that was used in World War II for military training and preparation. Find out what great projects and discoveries have been made at Nova Southeastern.

Enjoy the picturesque scenes around the main campus. Notice how numerous elaborate pine trees can be found around various buildings.