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National Naval Aviation Museum

See the most iconic naval airplanes to have ever been used by American forces at the National Naval Aviation Museum. Observe the planes around this Pensacola, FL museum inside a massive indoor environment. A few of these planes are too large and therefore have to be displayed outdoors.

Look around the museum in Pensacola, Florida and find more than a hundred old naval aircraft from the past century. See planes from Douglas, McDonnell, Douglas, Sikorsky and Grumman among other prominent entities.

Admire the beauty of the F-14 Tomcat display at the entrance to the museum. This iconic jet was used for nearly thirty years and is distinguishable for its strong wings and powerful missile launchers. See the jet as it is positioned towards the sky.

Look for the Blue Angel planes inside the main atrium. Check out performances from the Blue Angel demonstration squad on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout most times in the year here in the City of Pensacola. Watch as trained pilots perform a number of acrobatic maneuvers in their planes above the museum.

Bring your kids to the academy at the museum site. This week-long educational experience teaches kids about science and math and how they are essential to numerous careers.