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Museum of Science and History

Look around the Museum of Science and History in the City of Jacksonville and see the many unique exhibits that make the museum one of the most popular attractions in the city. Tour the extensive exhibits devoted to the human body. See many large and expanded models that highlight the unique features of the human body and how it develops and evolves.

Travel to the planetarium on the museum site in Jacksonville, Florida. See the special exhibits and displays that highlight various celestial bodies. The dome area displays many beautiful shots of space and the skies. Learn about how stars are formed and how they move about.

Look at the various touring exhibits that appear at the museum in Jacksonville, FL. Explore many points relating to world history, geology, science and many other fascinating topics while you travel around one of these appealing exhibits. The selection of exhibits changes regularly during the year.

Visit one of the aquariums on the museum site. See various marine mammals including many that are native to the Atlantic Ocean.

Head over to the museum right off of the Southbank Riverwalk. Enjoy the fine views of the St. Johns River as you make your way into the museum.