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Museum of Arts and Sciences

Be impressed by the many exhibits and attractions at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, GA. This place in the City of Macon is home to many important exhibits which highlight the history of Georgia and many unique natural phenomena.

Travel to the Discovery House and see the history of the region including the prehistory of the southeast. Look at some of the old dinosaur models that are based off of old bones and other identifying prints found around the region. The section is always being updated with a number of new finds.

Look up to the skies at the planetarium and observatory. This full-service observatory is home to a large theater that projects many displays of the skies. The Science on a Sphere feature around here is especially unique for displaying a number of appealing exhibits dedicated to understanding our planet.

Tour the fine art gallery in the museum. See many works of art from a number of local artists.

Be sure to come by regularly as there are often new exhibits held at the museum. Typical exhibits are introduced every four to six months on average with a number of special seasonal events held throughout the year.